Development of a new and highly effective modeling and monitoring Energy Management System technique in order to improve Energy Efficiency and move to a low CO2 emission in the energy intensive non-metallic mineral industry.


Mostostal Warszawa S.A.
Konstruktorska 11A
02-673 Warszawa

Partner description


Mostostal Warszawa S.A. is one of the largest construction companies in Poland with a 60-year history rich in traditions. Although its name is linked inseparably to the rebuilding of Warsaw bridges, the company is presently active in all sectors of the construction market in Poland and Europe. Due to well though-out and consequent management the opportunity of the economic boom have been taken and nowadays Mostostal is well recognizable not only as executor of bridges but also buildings for public utility, industrial objects, activities from environmental protection area as well as roads or underground constructions., counting with their own aggregate extracting sites at Poland.

As an strong industrial partner, Mostostal will contribute to the objectives of this project by controlling the environmental impact of quarries in their whole life-cycle, specially in their final stage where these sites are aimed to neutralize CO2 emmission and GHGE. As experts in the transportation of aggregates, due to their construction business, Mostostal will give a wide industrial view to this proposal based and focused on an eastern-european approach.

Mostostal activities extend to all areas and specialization fields in construction sector, both in project engineering and in works execution. In the civil engineering working area, Mostostal has built roads, was present in urban development, airports, harbours, beach regeneration, execution of dams, water piping, tunnels, gas pipes, water purifiers, metropolitan railways and railroads. Moreover through R&D Department Mostostal Warszawa actively participate in various international initiatives connected with Research & Technological Development. Its presence in multinational R&D projects has been visible during last years. As an example can be given project under acronym “ManuBuild – Open Building the Manufacturing” within 6 Framework Programme where Mostostal is developing “smart components and connections between them”.

Results of that development has been demonstrated in two of four building demonstrations. Mostostal is responsible for implementing research results into practice through one of the real scale demonstrations. Mostostal is also participating in other projects under umbrella of 6 Framework Programme e.g.: Flexoline@home - Development of a Cost Efficient Innovative Reusable Integrated Power Supply System, Enabling Interference Free High Speed Power Line Based Communication Architecture for the Affordable Smart House, or project called: I-SSB – The Integrated Safe & Smart Built Concept.

Being conscious of the impact on natural environment produced by construction sector and future high requirements for buildings in scope of very low energy consumption and efficient integration of renewable energy sources, Mostostal engaged itself in co-foundation process of Energy Efficient Buildings Initiative (E2B EI).


Role in the project

  • general assessment on opportunities for end of life activies,
  • definition of CO2 compensation activities and quatification,
  • Real Case demonstration,
  • best practices proposal for Energy Efficiency optimization.


Key personnel 

Mr. Pawel Poneta

Mr. Pawel Poneta graduated from Civil Engineering Department at Warsaw University of Technology (Poland) in the specialization of Building Structures. Since 2004 he holds a position in Mostostal Warszawa S.A., managing R&D activities of the company. He has been actively involved in innovative European research projects and representing Mostostal Warszawa S.A. in Polish and European Construction Technology Platforms.


Mr. Juliusz Zach

Mr. Juliusz Zach holds degree in Environmental Engineering by Warsaw University of Technology (Poland) and is specialized in energy efficiency technologies applied to industrial and building facilities. Currently, Mr. Zach leads an energy group of R&D Department of Mostostal Warszawa S.A. and is in charge of development and implementation of some challenging projects, focused fundamentally on new solutions for energy efficiency and renewable energy sources in buildings. Mr. Zach coordinated the company activities in the process of establishment of Energy Efficient Buildings Association (private part of E2B European Initiative) and now is leading its Working Group 4: “Construction Processes”.